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Site Selection & Acquisition

Intrepid's team assists clients in making precise and accurate site selection decisions, whether it’s a new, untested store concept, an independent operator with a few locations, or a chain with hundreds of stores and provides a systematic analyses that enable clients to evaluate multiple location scenarios.  Intrepid's team has a long track record of negotiating tough but fair deals with developers, building owners, attorneys and individual property owners.

Property Management

Intrepid provides full service property management to corporate and individual owners of commercial real estate.
We are the exclusive outsourced Property Manager for 7-Eleven, Inc. for the states of Florida, North Carolina and South Carolina.   Such management duties include lease negotiations of retail space, collection of rents, tenant issues and repair and maintenance of the properties.  Whether the property is a vacant lot, closed building or active rental, Intrepid insures that all responsibilities involving the properties are handled in the most efficient and professional manner. 


At Intrepid, we understand the complex needs of this specialty in order to maximize the value associated with a client’s surplus property portfolio.  Our knowledge of the various types of deals associated with surplus property disposition (property sales, ground leases, sublease/lease assignments, and negotiation of lease terminations) assist us in successfully disposing of a client’s surplus real estate.  Our in depth market knowledge allows us to educate our clients on the realistic value of properties and to target market to the highest and best users, therefore meeting the expectations of our clients.

Landlord & Tenant Representation

Intrepid is dedicated to providing both Landlord and Tenant Representation.  We carefully analyze each and every deal and communicate our projections on how each deal will impact the bottom line of a project.  Our clients rely on us for our in-depth understanding of project economics, budgets, effective site planning right on through strategic tenant mixes and complete project marketing.

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